President's Message

Mentoring Young Engineers for The Future

The civil engineering profession will take the lead in repairing and upgrading America’s aging infrastructure. Mentoring our young civil engineers is important in order to position our profession for the future. Mentoring may focus on the technological development, setting goals and modifying them as needed, commitment to professional development, becoming a well-rounded engineer, pursuing post graduate studies to increase the depth of knowledge, and establishing a career plan.

Our society and economy are dependent on our roads, bridges, airports, sewers, mass transit systems, and water reservoirs which we civil engineers design and build. Our industry and profession leaders are required to coach, mentor, promote, and motivate our young engineers to allow for continuity and advancement of our profession. This includes visiting colleges and speaking to students about becoming active ASCE student members, and about the importance of our profession. Civil engineering student members will enhance their public speaking and leadership skills. We need to share our stories with students and young engineers about the role of civil engineering in society and what we do in our daily work.

The ASCE 2016 CA Infrastructure Symposium in Sacramento on March 18, 2016 is an excellent venue for our young engineers and student members to attend, as they will meet and hear our industry leaders discuss the state of our profession, the aging infrastructure, and future projects and opportunities. Please go to the event website at to find out how you can play a part in sponsoring student members.


Louay M. Owaidat