On Mar 18, 2016, ASCE Region 9 and the Sacramento Section hosted the CA Infrastructure Symposium (CAIS16). The Symposium consisted of transportation and water tracks, and was attended by more than 200 professionals from our industry throughout the State of California. Over 20 speakers and panelists discussed various topics including funding of infrastructure projects, new technologies, legislation affecting our industry and future infrastructure work.  The Symposium was followed by a dinner attended by 225 people to recognize outstanding individuals and projects in the State of California.

I was honored to be involved in the noted events which allowed me to meet many industry leaders, learn about current policies and the state of our industry, and, above all, interact with many students who will be the future leaders in our industry. 

The Symposium and the annual awards dinner reminded me that it is our duty to advocate for local infrastructure by participating in our industry’s events, visiting our elected officials to encourage them to fund local and state projects, and become involved and active in our community. 

Mr. Mark Woodson, president of ASCE, noted, “We are all busy with our personal and professional lives, but take a few minutes to do the following so that we can take full advantage of our 150,000 voices to change the policies that will shape the future: Pick up your smartphone and download the Save America’s Infrastructure app from the iTunes or Google Play store. It’s a great resource that you can put on your phone or tablet. No matter where you are, you will always have talking points relating to infrastructure. Moreover, you can share the findings of ASCE’s national infrastructure assessments, as well as facts pertaining to the condition of infrastructure in your state, on the go with anyone in your address book.” 

Our work as civil engineers must include awareness and involvement in the public policy process, as we continue to play significant roles in shaping and rebuilding the infrastructure of our greatest nation. 


Louay M. Owaidat