"My mother's words always echo in my ears, 'Work hard, earn your education and pay off the family's sacrifices'." – 2014 Golze Scholarship Recipient


Part 2, continued from the June Engineerogram – Last month, I spoke about the three-fold attack on our future engineers: increased demand due to disasters escalation, rising tuition costs, and possible graduate degree requirement for licensure.  Each of these topics could be discussed at length, and each on its own is significant enough to warrant our attention and assistance to those students currently on the career path of civil engineering. 

However, despite how logically minded and "engi-nerdy" we really are, deciding to help this next generation is more than fancy statistics, bar graphs and plausible cause and effects. The main reason the ASCE Sacramento Section maintains, invests, and solicits for the Golze Scholarship Fund,is that the recipients of these funds are real people, young people, each with an incredible future as part of our community who are full of curiosity, ingenuity, intellect and leadership.  How can we not foster these attributes to carry on a profession that we love so much? How can we not see the challenge these young students face, and not help them in some way to achieve their goals?

As members of the ASCE Sacramento Section, we have the great opportunity of having four large universities with Civil Engineering programs in our vicinity:  UC Davis has the #33 Graduate Engineering School in the nation; CSU-Sacramento sent its Steel Bridge Team to Nationals this year after placing 1st in their conference; UoP has an incredible Co-op program that matches engineering students with local engineering companies for extended internships. In 2014 and 2015 combined, 20 students have received scholarships from the ASCE Sacramento Section.  Said one recipient of this experience, "The Golze scholarship…helped pay for my tuition. This allowed me to focus on my studies, which will help me succeed as a student. I will like to give back to and mentor college students in the future when I become a successful engineer."  After describing the struggles of immigrating and having parents live in different states in order to stay near good schools, another student stated "In the future I can see myself working to solve the Delta water crisis, and using my civil engineering education to contribute to improving the agricultural issues facing the world today."

Years ago, I too was a young student at a university in a different state from my upbringing. I had just completed my undergraduate degree, and as I transitioned into graduate school, my wife and I made the decision that she would quit work to stay at home with our new baby. Our only income for the next year of school was a part time job and a small research stipend.  Can you guess what made up the difference? To our great surprise, an application to the engineering department resulted in a scholarship endowed by alum Firoz "King" Husein.  As hard as that name is for me to say, I've never forgotten it, as it made my path possible and a little bit less stressful.

As mentioned last month, the ASCE Sacramento Section has established a goal of raising $100,000 for scholarships, all of which is to be awarded at our Annual Project Awards Banquet. We invite you to donate any amount you are able, to which Magnus Pacific has generously offered to match 1:1 your personal donations up to an accumulative $25,000! Checks can be made out to the Section (see article in the Newsletter for more information), and we have also set up an electronic donation site that will accept credit cards:

I hope we all remember our beginnings and those that helped us along the way, and in turn find it within ourselves to look to the future and help those now behind us. Thank you for all you give!

Do you have questions, comments or thoughts, or are you looking for a way to get involved? Please contact us at:


Kyle Sanford