President's Message

Hello ASCE!  Just a couple weeks ago, close to 100 people attended the annual ASCE Sacramento Section Individual Awards and Officer Installation Banquet.  It was a wonderful dinner and program in which the incoming Section and Capital Branch officers were introduced and where 22 peer-nominated awards were presented.  Every major civil engineering discipline was recognized and a tribute to the engineering profession was delivered by Senator Jim Nielsen.  

What I took away from that evening was two-fold; first, not surprisingly, the journalist and politician were by far the most eloquent of speakers (we engineers should probably work on that) and second, these awards really meant something to the recipients, who ranged from young engineers, to non-engineers, to directors and owners of their own companies. Nevertheless, despite many of their professional accomplishments, these people expressed genuine gratitude for the recognition they were receiving. I learned that ASCE is not only an advocate for the civil engineering profession, but a promoter of the individual. The Sacramento Section as an organization tries to reach down and execute engineering at a personal level. It can reach you.

The Sacramento Section is led by a revolving door of volunteer officers who endeavor in their temporary assignments to leave something permanent. Past presidents have left us new discipline specific Institutes. They've left the groundwork of a more technologically advanced website. They've left a history of reaching out and supporting the next generation of future engineers. This year's officers will continue those traditions and search new ways to reach out. We have some ideas. Thor and Kimberly are both past presidents of the Section; Louay, who was instrumental in helping raise over $40,000 for scholarships last year is our President-Elect; Kenny is now a seasoned event planner and will be assisted by Marie, who herself is a past president of YMF; Keith is continuing on as Secretary and we have a new Treasurer, Jafar, who is eager to help.  Add them to an already active network of 4 Branches, YMF, Institutes and Committees, and we are looking forward to a future that reaches out to you. 

I’m excited to start this new term as your ASCE Sacramento Section President and look forward to being a part of the future of this organization. I hope you too will find a way to reach out and participate with us this year.

Thank you, and please let us know your thoughts at:


Kyle Sanford

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