President's Message

Recently, I had lunch with one of our ASCE members during which he asked me, “What’s the next step for me in ASCE?” I responded with a few questions, “What professional skills do you want to develop?  What type of position would you feel a little uncomfortable leading? The positions in which we feel a little uncomfortable are the ones we learn and grow the most.” He replied, “I hadn’t thought about it like that”. After some contemplation, he decided to take a chair position for one of our committees, knowing that he had the support of the previous chair and the network of professionals in the group. He is excited about the skills he will learn, the connections he will make and how it will benefit his career.

Speaking of leadership opportunities, officer elections for all of our chapters are in the next few months. Whether you live in Stockton, Yuba City, downtown Sacramento, Roseville, or Shasta, there are leadership opportunities near you.  Please reach out to me today at and I will help you find a chapter, group, or committee that would best suit you.

On September 21, 2017, the Sacramento Section will host our annual 2017 Outstanding Individual Award Dinner at the Del Paso Heights Country Club. We received positive feedback about the venue last year and decided to host it at the same location again. Nominations to honor the outstanding ASCE members in the Sacramento Section are now open and are due by August 4. Last year, Margarita Kovalchuk won our local Outstanding Student Award, and is now featured in the ASCE National Newsletter.  Sacramento Section Individual Award winners are submitted for the annual Region 9 Awards. If they win at  the Region level, they are submitted to National. Click this link for more information to submit your nomination today.  


Elias Karam, P.E., M.ASCE
Sacramento Section President 2016-2017